The very sporadic duo of Dave Summersgill and Dec Hickey.

Fifty numbered promo Got-Ta-Scatta CDRs and roughly 500 vinyl 12″s of A Wonderful Thing/Still I Rise are somewhere out there from the distant past but Discogs notes no copies of either being available and only the CDR is even mentioned, which is quite an achievement.

 12in sleeve sticker

Terry Farley, DJ and co-founder of the legendary dance label, Boys Own, said of the 12″, ‘What a brilliantly original double A-side this is. Think of Grace Jones meeting Augustus Darnell in a Fela Kuti tribute band. One side is sensually sinister, the other happy happy in an end of the night Shoom kind of way. Essential black music – buy it.‘ ***** (Muzik, Nov, 2001).

The ‘legal fuzziness’ of the tune(s) partly spawned our moniker and if the song lyric ‘Everybody run run run… ‘ means anything to you (the track will get an outing on the podcast at some point), that was the other source. File under eclectic / jazzy / soul / house / beats etc. Still I Rise was the first of the tunes to make it to 41 Rooms – at show 28, and A Wonderful Thing will get there at some point. A tune called Safe Train subsequently made an even rarer appearance on CDR after this 12″ and further on we did a remix for the wonderful Beth Hirsch and her Indelibly You. You can hear it here and buy it via Beth’s website. A remix for Rod ‘Bright Light Bright Light’ Thomas didn’t surface but he’s rightly ‘broken through’ a bit since, so it hasn’t held him back. Other Got-Ta-Scatta tracks and ideas have piled up and two new tunes (even more of said ‘fuzziness’) were going to surface on a 7″ but they and other bits will now get test run on the podcast at some point and we’ll see what gives. I’m confident we’ll put out another piece of vinyl, though.