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Episode 11 – Original Upload 26.6.16

41 Rooms, Playlist 11 is

Turntable 11

77% VINYL FRIENDLY.  Not bad.

Lyric of Playlist 11: 

They come from Tennessee.

Tracks marked * have been given a tiny (or sometimes, slightly bigger) 41 Rooms ‘tweak’ 😉


(Intro) THE FLAMINGOS – Stars (Edit) – Unreleased demo – 1983

Episode #1 for info.


NEW ORDER – Everything’s Gone Green (Live) * – Taras Shevchenko, VHS – 1983

For New Order fans, this release was a big, big deal back in 1983. I had the Celebration (UK Granada TV, 30 minutes performance) VHS, a couple of live bootlegs had been floating around for a while (Berlin, May ’81 springs to mind) and the band and Rob (Gretton, manager) had given me permission to film four of the band’s gigs, but this set – professionally shot at the Ukranian National Home in Brooklyn, New York, in November, ’81 – was the first full New Order performance to be officially released. I was still getting to all their UK gigs but nobody in the early 80s ever made what was then the massive leap to catch gigs in the US, so seeing the Taras Shevchenko video was gold dust. Available these days in the digital world via the 2001 DVD release NewOrder 3 16.

New Order - Everything's Gone Green (Live)


JONZUN CREW – We Are The Jonzun Crew – 12″ – Tommy Boy – 1983

Something you might not have guessed at, given their own sound, the then bass player for The Wake – Alex ‘Mac’ Macpherson – gave me a C90 compilation tape of electro sometime in 1983 and this track was on it. Wish I still had the tape, it was often bath time music.

Jonzun Crew - We Are The Jonzun Crew


TWO SISTERS – Hot, Hot Sound – Self Titled, EP/LP – Streetwave – 1983

Morgan Khan’s London-based Streetwave label licensed a lot of the early US electro scene’s output.

Two Sisters - Hot, Hot Sound


DEEPCONSOUL (feat XOLISWA) – Mayivunywe Lengoma (SoulPoizen Remix) – Digital only – 2012

Floated out anonymously (possibly not deliberately) on one of ‘Dr’ Bob Jones’ Mi-Soul radio shows at the time. Shazam eventually recognised it.

DEEPCONSOUL (feat XOLISWA) - Mayivunywe Lengoma


TA-KU – I Miss You – Songs To Break Up To, 12″ EP – HW&W Recordings – 2013

Out of Australia and the work of one Reggie Mathews. Maybe a bit of a one trick pony but the ten copies of the vinyl run of this EP presently available on Discogs at the time of this show’s upload started at £109(!) but three limited represses since have brought its availability back into the sights of just about anyone.

Ta-Ku - I Miss You


WILLIAMS FAIREY BRASS BAND – The Groove That Won’t Stop – Acid Brass, A Collection Of 10 Acid House Anthems Played by…, CD only – Blast First – 1997

Not one of your cheaper recording sessions I’ll bet. As it was on Blast First – but slightly adrift of their ‘normal’ output – I had to check with label boss, Paul Smith that it had indeed been he who took the plunge on the project. His reply: “Bill Drummond asked me to do it which resulted in the KLF/2K ‘Fuck The Millennium’ project on Blast First”.

WILLIAMS FAIREY BRASS BAND - The Groove That Won't Stop (2)


GENE DUDLEY GROUP – The Hilo Bay Halfway (Gene Dudley Disco Dub Mix) – 7″ – Wah Wah 45s – 2013

Hi’s to Wah Wah heads Dom Servini and Adam Scrimshire.

Gene Dudley Group - The Hila Bay Halfway


GYRATORY SYSTEM – Seven Dials – New Harmony, CD only – Angular Recording Corporation – 2011

New Harmony is another masterpiece of batshit crazy beats & pieces‘ – Dazed & Confused.

‘Tis mad indeed… 

Gyratory System - Seven Dials


MELT YOURSELF DOWN – Dot To Dot – Last Evenings On Earth, LP – Leaf – 2016

Evangelical peddlers of DNA-rearranging post-punk exotica, Melt Yourself Down are an unholy communion of North African influences and shamanic vocals with a wanton disregard for their own safety‘. Band biography extract.



AREA CODE 615 – Stone Fox Chase – 7″ – Polydor – 1970

The theme music to the 70s-80s UK rock programme, The Old Grey Whistle Test, and therefore practically embedded in the psyche of a generation or two of UK rock fans.

Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase


PRESSURE DROP – Big Noise – Upset, 2LP – Logic Records – 1992

Their 1990-1993 output had some gems. They’ll be back here.

Pressure Drop - Big Noise


DINING ROOMS – If I Could (Italo Disco Punk Mix) – 12″ – Etage Noir Recordings – 2007

Got-Ta-Scatta nearly covered this. I had a thing about that bell sound…

The Dining Rooms - If I Could


TALKING HEADS – Crosseyed and Painless – Remain In Light – Sire – 1980

Driving music and the band at the height of their creative powers by this, their fourth studio album.

Talking Heads - Remain In Light


PAUL VAN DYK – The Other Side (Mark Spoon vs Mobilegazer Sundown Mix) – 12″ – Positiva – 2005

With a bit of a nod to Peter Hook’s bass playing, I’d say.

Paul Van Dyk - The Other Side (Mark Spoon vs Mobilegazer Sundown Mix)

What was likely in the man’s DJ record box a few years earlier. Record Mirror – 17.8.96

Paul Van Dyk article, 17.8.96


COLDER – To The Music – Heat, LP – Output – 2005

Cold wave? Definitely French and red vinyl.

Colder - To The Music


PARIS ANGELS – Perfume (All On You) – 12″ – Virgin – 1990

And from the French to a Paris up Manchester way, with their guitar jangling tune taken for an extended electronic run out.

Paris Angels - Perfume (Loved Up)


THE EVERYBODYFIELDS – Be Miner – Nothing Is OK, CD only – Ramseur Records – 2007

Tennessee based duo who then went their separate ways.

The Everybodyfields - Be Miner


LAURIE ANDERSON – Born, Never Asked – Big Science, LP – Warner Brothers – 1982

I remember buying this album in spite of O Superman. 🙂 A bit unfair but its startling originality seemed to have it omnipresent at the time

Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked


THIS MORTAL COIL – Come Here My Love – 10″ – 4AD – 1986

Van Morrison never blew my skirt up but he wrote this tune… so he’s nearly OK… but a far bigger OK to this particular TMC collective’s interpretational bent.

This Mortail Coil - Come Here My Love


FINGATHING – Slippin’ – Veba vs GrandCentral, CD only – Grand Central – 2005

The Rae and Christian vocalist, Veba on one of her rare outings, via fellow Mancunians, instrumental Nu jazz/hip-hoppers, comprising classically trained double bass player Sneaky, DJ/turntablist Peter Parker and Visual Artist Chris Cavetroll Drury.

Fingathing - Slippin'


AU PAIRS – Sex Without Stress – Sense and Sensuality, LP – Kamera – 1982

The Au Pairs in slow mode just accentuates Lesley Woods’ voice all the more, which is a good thing.

Au Pairs - Sex Without Stress


A CERTAIN RATIO – Day One – Sextet, LP – Factory – 1982

By the time I’m done on 41 Rooms a lot of this album will have got a look in. Just glad I got to see both the Simon Topping and here, the Martha ‘Tilly’ Tilson era ACRs perform live.

ACR - Day One


NO ZU – Spirit Beat – Afterlife, LP – Chapter Music – 2016

From Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2007 by Nicolaas Oogjes as a recording outlet for his “weird, no-wave funk” ‘ says Discogs. As this No Zu sound certainly tips in the direction of A Certain Ratio it’s maybe unsurprising Jez Kerr has recently been working with the band.

No Zu - Spirit Beat


JAPAN – Adolescent Sex – Adolescent Sex, LP – Ariola Hansa – 1978

Along with buying the album for £4.05 from HMV, Bedford on 20.4.79, in my ‘youth’ I only ever joined three ‘fan clubs’ – Japan’s being one of them. Original member 00067 reporting for duty.

Japan - Adolescent Sex


UNDERWORLD – Crocodile (Album Version) – 12″ – Play It Again sam – 2007

It could only be…

Underworld - Crocodile (Album Version)


ROBERT OWENS – I’ll Be Your Friend (Glamorous Mix) * – 12″ – RCA – 1991

This was the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ mix but there are a few versions of this tune that could piece together for one almighty take. As crucial a track to me as pretty much all the post punk I’d ingested in the previous decade.

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend (Glaorous Mix)


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